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Želeška cesta 11A, 4260 Bled
PE BLED: Ljubljanska c. 8 p.p.69 (image)

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E-mail: info@basing.si

Basing d.o.o.
      Basing was founded in 1994 by Ivan Žvegelj as a small company for design engineering of continuous casting machinery with three well experienced engineers.
      It became a corporation in 1998 and began with expansion in work force as well as areas of work.
      Today we are well established design bureau, with 32 employees in 2 major offices. We cover design for machinery in many areas of heavy industry, as well as engineering services with very good manufacturing facilities, network of subcontractors, in-house design and years of expertise.
      We have expanded to IT services with CAD software sales and support, own business software development and sales, and support and secure corporate networks.


      Design Engineering has its major focus on machinery in casting and rolling areas. Most of continuous casting machinery is for slabs and billets. We have designed many full sets of Ladle turrets, different scrap manipulators, tundishes and equipment for them, molds, oscillation devices, segments, torch cutters and dummy bars with accessories and others.
      Hot Rolling Mill machinery of sheet metal is our main area of design. We have designed from crop shear, stands, laminar cooling, downcoiler area, roller and roller tables with side guides to WR, BUR Cleaning and changing systems.
      Similarly with Cold Rolling Mills for sheet metal where we were involved in temper mill, cold reverse mill, Skin pass mill, individual stands and other.
      With design of machinery we usually provide piping drawings which can be machine piping or interconnecting piping.
      All of our design in supported with static and dynamic calculations, done by certified engineers, of parts and assemblies, and are also able to provide complex calculations for different platforms as addition to standard equipment. An addition to machine design, we are designing platforms for machines or entire lines.
      A smaller department within our company is working continuously in design of EAF and Ladle furnaces and its parts, components and surrounding equipment.


      Engineering contracting has evolved big and capable network of subcontractors with Slovenia and former Yugoslavia.
      We sell parts and assemblies to satisfied customers in European Union and Mid East and extending our reach to even India.
      With network of reliable and well equipped machine shops we have sold many very demanding parts like oversized forged or casted shafts or rolls, gears, frames and others.
      Besides basic design and manufacture smaller machines and equipment for heavy industries, we are designing and manufacturing a large assortment of stands and smaller platforms as end products.
      Most of the stands are used for tundishes and segments, and range from tilting, aligning, gunning, cooling to maintenance and others.


      As a company our main goal is quality, reliability and ability to maintain very competitive pricing or our services.
      Considering the fact, that we are able to sell our services as subcontractor as well a direct supplier proofs that we are flexible, advanced with knowledge in many areas.
      Our company policy is to maintain expansion to new markets and to new areas of work.
      We have recently formed a small group of three ship building engineers with purpose to expand our subcontracting work to ship building area.


With lots of experience and great flexibility, we are always open to new markets new areas of work, and hope you will find your interest.




BASING d.o.o. Želeška cesta 11A, 4260 Bled PE BLED: Ljubljanska c. 8 p.p.69 Tel: +386 (0)59 0808 00, Fax: +386 (0)59 0808 50, e-mail: info@basing.si