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Stand Alone Products
  With years of experience in design, engineering, manufacturing and cooperation with many machine shops we have established good network of stable partners which we supply with components as well as stand alone machines for heavy industries. Following are our most established products:
Tundish Templates
Scrap handling system (Scrap Buckets)
Stands (large assortment)
- Tilting Stands for segments, mold, oscillator…
- Alignment Stands with measuring rulers with accuracy down to 50microm for mold, oscillator, segments...
- Tundish Stands for cooling, tilting, gunning, riling, drying, assembling, readying
- Other Maintenance Stands including transporters for WR, BUR, etc
- Maintenance Suspensions including beam, rope, chain suspensions
- Other platforms up to 20tons
Lifting Equipment (Lifting Beams)
Cooling Panels for furnaces, mostly furnace covers
Silo and Tap Hole filling devices
Special forged/casted/machined parts are produced with cooperation with our partners. We have provided large shafts ( i.e. fi660 mm x 10m ), rolls ( i.e. fi980 mm x 2500 ), gears ( i.e. fi1800 mm mod 15 ) and other "hard to get" components or parts
Manipulators in mold area, laminar cooling area, furnance area, etc




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