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Linux servers

linux server

Linux servers
We offer build to order, configuration and installation of Linux servers for networks with 3 and more client computers.
Major advantage of Linux Server is low cost of hardware, software, installation and maintenance.  Great stability and scalability of the system, and un surpassed security.
In practice it means fast, stable and secure internet access, fast and secure access to shared files and folders, centralized data and backup and much more.
Based on your need and requirements we can setup:
samba server
DHCP server
print server
SSH access
FTP server
firewall configuration and tuninng
WWW server
DNS server
mail server
virus protected email
spam filter
SQL server
Special offer!
If you decide to invest in full server installation we offer one of the following advanced solutions for free:
implementation of FCFS (Fast Cache File Server)
2- 5 way CNLB (Concurrent Network Load Balance)
SBOS (Switch Bridge Over Server)
multi path router
possible advanced implementation of WWW, FTP, MAIL, DNS, SQL, FILE SERVER, FIREWALL




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